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Very, very nice. Exquisite art & animation, good sound, great storyline. Definitely deserves a better score than its current. Excellent work, I look forward to future episodes.


Hahaha, I hate that fool. Ego the size of a fucking elephant, why the fuck anyone should vote a movie of him dancing round half-naked is beyond me.
You should've used Flash to replace his head with an ANGRYFAIC, that's my only complaint

FourStar responds:

why can't we all just get along :(


Well done. You got there eventually. Just goes to show, the presentation is as important as the content. I look forward to your next offering, try to learn some more Flash skills for embellishment between now and then if you can.

Congratulations on beating the challenge of getting your work onto Newgrounds!


No new animation or graphics, a few photos and a video clip, and an annoying voiceover. I suppose you could just keep using your old clips over and over again, and as long as you stick a new nipple/tit in there each time, the 13 year old majority of NG will give you the thumbs-up. Personally, I think this movie is lucky to have anything over 3.0.

Well done

OK, let's start with first impressions:
Very first impression after watching the whole thing: "I'm going to have to watch this again, to get everything out of it". That's definitely a good thing.
Very professional, and superb use of sound & music to create a dark and scary atmosphere. Some of the graphics could be better (more so at the start - the hand in particular stands out, no shading - you might want to trace a jpg if you're planning on updating this). Good storyline, and, most importantly, a lot of depth to the plot.
*watches it again*
I like the use of French, with subtitles. It automatically creates an 'arty' feel.
Nice touch with the ear-splitting noises to make the viewer jump.
Animation is varied - again, I think it improves as the movie proceeds. The whole saw/corridor thing builds suspense nicely, and the 'sunshine' bits provide excellent contrast to the dark, destructive feel of the 'book' bits. The fact that violence is implied, rather than seen, is very clever, and really adds to the suspense.
Having watched this twice, I'm still not sure I fully understand the story... =)

In conclusion: the three main things that stand out in this for me are the depth, atmosphere, and the choice of music. In terms of suggestions, I'd say spend a bit more time on the graphics in the earlier part of the movie, before the book opens.

Well done on finishing your project, congratulations on a great movie, and good luck on getting awards/FPage.

Xenosteel responds:

Yep that is one very good first impression!

I guess I should have shaded that hand, what the heck I’ll do it now! I got quite a lot of reviews saying they dislike the hand.

I myself am not sure why did I do the saw/corridor, but it just hit my head, and since its so original I thought I’d use it and see what other people see it as… I really liked what you said about the violence, great words of wisdom there :)

I think that next time I do a big movie I’ll try to hire a graphics artist, because even though I try I’m just not naturally talented at it [sigh]

Thank you for one very lovely review, it really points out things to me and gives some helpful advice, I thank you again my friend


I voted 5.
I hope that annoys you.

IsOnFire responds:

hooray!!!!1!!! i love you :)


Didgereedoo! Now there's a soundtrack you don't often hear...

I like your animation style, it reminds me of synj quite a lot. Graphics were excellent, music & FX fitted perfectly, and a thoroughly entertaining storyline.

Verdict: First-rate. Deserves 4.1+

Greedom responds:

Thanks everyone for the awesome reviews, I really apreciate the encouragement and support, it will encourage me to make more. Thanks again.


Hmmm. I disagree with the other reviewers. I thought the graphics and animation were fine, in fact I quite like your style. The storyline, however, has been done before, and been done better. Still, a good enough movie, and probably deserves a better score than it has. Obviously there's something about it that puts peoples' backs up...


Entertaining in a weird kind of way. The selection of sounds was good, but the way they were put together was very... erm... amateur. Maybe that was deliberate...? Graphics/animation were OK at the start, but went downhill rather sharply. Humour: didn't really tickle me, but I can see it appealing to some people.

OK movie, lots of room for improvement.


That was worth watching just for the cool underwater version of the NG preloader!

Absolutely awesome animation, all those MCs must have taken ages. Bet it took hours to compile towards the end 8). Lovely bit of classical music, makes a nice change, although you should have credited the composer when you submitted the file... Brilliant detailed art, and a pleasure to watch.

Only real criticisms/suggestions: no storyline as such, and a play/pause button would be nice.

A masterpiece. Well done.

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