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Graphics & animation were OK. Voice wasn't very god-like. Replay button needed a transparent box behind it. Kinda funny I suppose.

I'd like to see something longer from you, since you clearly have good animation potential

Ghosty22 responds:

Remind me what God sounds like... It's been awhile since he's talked to me.

I'm sorry

The graphics were good but the rest was rubbish. You could at least have made a dressup so that we could add the bits ourselves - interaction's always a bonus.

Toilet humour - you can't beat it!

That was absolutely hilarious. I watched it last night and I just watched it again, it cracks me up. Excellent work.

Preeeeeettty good

It's a shame that no-one is allowed to say what they want to nowadays thanks to political correctness. So much for Freedom of Speech.

Good movie, I identify with Reginald. OK graphics/anim, cool humour, good voiceover. Could've been better, but could've also been a whole lot worse.

Keep on Flashin'....

Ok, so it's not the greatest Flash in the world

But I liked it. Animation & graphics were well drawn, could possibly have been improved with a background. The 'music' was hilarious, especially the long pause before the box opened.
Pretty damn funny. I'll be looking out for your future work

I thought you said you were going to start making

good flashes...? That really wasn't. Come on guys, I know the idea is to get crap through the Portal, but you could at least put a little effort into your movies - raise the bar a bit....?

OK, probably not.

TheStarSyndicate responds:


Not as funny as it could have been,

but the ending was hilarious. Animation was a bit wooden, and movie could've done with some background crowd noise. Not a bad flash by any means though, but not a great one either.

Good luck with your future projects


Wish people made me things like this for my birthday. Cool graphic style/animation and very funny. Sounds/voiceover were pretty impressive, too. Keep up the good work...

RogerregoRRoger responds:

ok, thanks for the review :)

Sweet little short

Interesting style of animation, like the voiceover. Funny movie, sad moral. Filesize was too large; otherwise, good job.

Haven't seen the others (yet) so just reviewing

this ep. The music was fitting, and a good storyline. Voiceovers/lipsync were spot-on, too. I just thought the graphics let it down, the animation was pretty dubious and the characters were blocky.
Fortunately the humour was good enough to make up for it.
Nothing else to say...

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