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Heh. Saw my name in the audio credits, thought "hope this isn't crap". Watched movie, some excellent FBF work, impressed but.... where's my music? Checked alt endings, all pretty damn good... finally found my soundclip under 'bloopers'. How apt.....

really great work. Very impressed.

Foreverkul responds:

well, took me forever to find a good bloopers music but yours was the only one that worked! (sepct for another one of yours) but you have some pretty good music to use. thanks for the revie too ^_^

Absolutely exquisite

I'm stunned. That was the best collab I've ever seen on NG. I'm not going to put them in order of preference, because they were all superb in their own way, and that was a sweet menu, too.
Mad props to you guys for taking the time to produce some seriously quality Flash
*watches it again*


Simply put: brilliant.

Great art & animation, exquisite choice of music, excellent storyline. Don't be discouraged that the score is a little low, that's just the 'First-time submitter' effect. Make more of these, and I reckon you'll get daily awards and probably front page.

King-Watson responds:

thanks, really made me feel better about my work =P glad you liked it!


Excellent. Been too long since I heard that song. Sweet graphics, interesting suitably twisted storyline. Quite Gorillazesque. Great job.




Heh, you're cheeky fuckers. Still, at least 'my' submission was the best of 'em.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

I luv j00 more than j00 noe


Yes, I had a laugh at Bill's expense. That was possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen in my time on Newgrounds, and one of the few things to make me laugh out loud. It's a shame you used sticks (although I think for once, the style of the movie justified their use), since it's gonna push your score right down. In my eyes, though, the humour, storyline and music choice more than make up for the scrappy graphics.
Excellent work. Thank you for bringing a bit of light into an otherwise boring day.

Wustfull responds:

Yeah, just for you, ill go reward myself with an icecream sandwich.


Fifened. After all, it is Christmas.

jn responds:

thank you sir, merry christmas


Impressed by the menu, it actually looked semi-professional, so kudos to whoever did that. Needed a <back< button in each movie.

NLowrider: for god's sake, drop that intro shit. It's too long and boring. As for the movie, I couldn't understand more than about 1 in 5 words

scrap_head: not too bad, but could use an improvement in drawing style. Joke could've bee stretched out a little longer, too. Add more detail to storyline & graphics

Lavagasm: Sick, I blew the whistle for that before, and I just did it again. I'm NOT a foamy fan, but that's just not funny.

ThreeStar: I expected better, that was just boring and pointless. Yes, I know that's the idea. But some of your other stuff was a lot more entertaining.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

Yeah, I [Three] collabed this one today. =/

I thought about making a back button, but then I decided against it. It shouldn't need a back button--people should watch every movie all the way through at least once. There ARE menu buttons at the end.

That'll probably be something to add next time around. Thanks for the review!

- Three

[I know my entry was sort of crappy, but I made it in the middle of the night a while back and I really got a kick out of it.]


Always liked your stuff, since Wonderlick days. Your style & graphics have improved drastically, but the weird thread still runs through you Flash. Great stuff, it's good to see you're still active as a movie maker.

FREELENS responds:

Thanks Denvish, weirdness forever!

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