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Graphics: Okay. Not much, really.
Animation: Fairly basic tweening. Lipsync was spot on.
Style: Black & white. Hmm. I like colour.
Voiceover: Good. Interesting monologue. Basically the backbone of the movie.
Coding: N/A
Other: Glad I'm not American. All your choices suck.

Overall: Good enough animation, but no way it deserves the score it has. No depth, music, colour, FX. Probably took about 4-5 hours to make, if it took any longer, it was wasted time.


Good film, great ending.
Graphics were mostly good, but had some really bad bits (blood fx). Sound was fine. Pretty funny movie.


Fair play on the animation. Good animation & direction, fitted the music well. Just didn't like the song at all. Sorry.


Yewton foragabee nonk tib loch tak. Wee sinn fa tog, the naw. Och!!!

TheStarSyndicate responds:

I speak gibberish too


Stupidly large filesize, due to scanning pages in (did you get copyright permission?) and uncompressed music. You could at least have used a decent graphic editor so the text didn't look like shit. Music was OK, but that's about the only positive thing I can say about this. Crappy flash, shows no skills whatsoever.

Anenome responds:

1 meg = movie, 3 megs = music. If you don't have DSL or cable sux for you, those of us who do, so what if there's a 10 second wait to download four megs. The tradeoff is good music quality.

As for the text quality, I'm surprised myself. The browser, or perhaps NG, has shrunk the movie by about 15%, which has made the text hard to read and degraded the image quality significantly. I don't know why this should happen, perhaps NG has a vertical limit it enforces, my original file is much easier to view.

Either way the movie gets its important point across, which was my intent.

Bit long for an intro

Good style though. Excellent drawings & animation, not a bad story for a preview. Curious topic. Overall: very good

JHF responds:

Thanks, and I will probably work more on the drawings in the future, to see if I can work them out a little

I just love your stuff

Best claymation I've ever seen on NG. Suggestion: add a stop/play button. This deserves a much better score.

Best Party Political Broadcast I've ever seen

I vote for: the mouse

Pretty funny. Great choice of music, excellent piss-take. Doesn't show too much in the way of Flash skills, but that's kind of irrelevant for this kind of movie. Good work.

Not funny

Too short, and doesn't have much going for it besides the animation. And you really need to get someone who sounds more god-like for the voiceover.

Good choice of subject

The art was fine, but the animation was dreadful. Great choice of music. Shame you were on a time limit, this could have been a lot better. Still definitely worth watching though
Keep on Flashin...

Laladudu responds:

Thanks and I will "Keep on Flashin"

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