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Your school is doing a great job. It must help that you have some pretty cool artistic talents. That was very professional, nice graphics, not too much in the way of animation, but a pretty polished submission. Good choice of audio, too.


Not bad for a first SMV. Some quite groovy break-dancing by da bear. Not exactly sure how or why 'I got served'/// good enough music, but looping wasn't too smooth

Pretty good


lol @ the crapiness. beyond that, no comment...


Graphic style was OK, and the storyline was dubious. Also, I couldn't understand what the non-asian guy was saying most of the time. Spend a bit more time on everything and it should turn out pretty good... hopefully...


I'm sorry, I can see a shitload of effort was put into this, but it just didn't appeal to me. There was nothing outstandingly bad in it, but nothing particularly good either... graphics, animation & sound were all fine... I think it just needs a little more 'focussed' humour to make it work. I wish I could offer more constructive suggestions, but I can't think of any.

Good luck with future movies...


Pretty crappy. Shows no animation skills, not much in the way of artistic skills, no coding skills, the music was OK but that's not your fault. If the concept behind this was humour, then it failed; if the concept was anything besides humour, it should have been sent to the graveyard.
It's bad enough having piconjo doing this crap without you getting involved too; and if you ARE piconjo/T0MMY, then it just ain't amusing any more.

Chubaka responds:

No, im not Piconjo, and I know who piconjo is and I can Garunfuckingtee you it sure isnt t0mmy


Great art/graphics, and good choice of music. But as the last reviewer said, distinctly lacking in animation, aprt from some very slow tweens/camera movement. Not completely sure what the story was about either, but that's probably because I haven't seen the film


Well looks like you're finally gaining some respect from Newgrounders, about bloody time. Pay no heed to the Knox lovers knocking your work, and keep 'em coming. I'll be voting five on your stuff every day when I remember, because I think it deserves a lot more respect and recognition than it has.
If you're interested in a Movie Control with ffwd/rwnd/play/pause, have a look at this (remove spaces):
planetbob.net /ftd/moviecontrol/scmc. htm

Freemont responds:

Wow i actually have a fan! thanks man, i never thought id ever seen anyone who actually likes my movies. Im trying to submit them on a weekly basis, and im definitly trying that movie controller thing. thank you again for the review, and whats this.. a jump in my scores?! :D

What do I think?

I think you cheated. It's like saying, 'What could you do with 3 eggs?', and then proceeding to add flour, baking soda, cream-of-tartar, butter and flour, and make it into a cake.

Still, nice enough picture.


Fanboys to the rescue again, then.
IT WASN'T FUNNY! If anybody else had submitted this, it would've scored 2.5 max. And you know it's true.

I mean, fair play for getting yourself a fanbase, but stop deluding yourself that your stuff is actually funny, because it's not. The only reason you get these scores is because people see '-Knox-' and automatically hit 5. If they actually stopped and thought, this would have a score nearer what it deserves (ie, 2.5 max).

Knox responds:

didnt i already say i wasnt trying to entertain anyone with this? haha..

but yeah people do vote 5 on me just because im knox,but why would they do it unless i actually made something they liked?

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