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I love that song

Don't understand why the dogs.. or the tortoise... groovy vid though. Not a huge amount of depth, but amusing viewing, and suitably seasonal.

EnterTheHatrix responds:

If you viewed some of my previous art, you'll understand why...


Major problems

1) Your should have a preloader for anything over 1Mb. A 'PLAY' button appeared, I pressed it, and was rewarded with 2 minutes of blank white screen before the movie appeared.
2) If you're planning on creating 10-15 movies WITH 2 songs, you need to optimise everything. You should have used this submission as an opportunity to practise that, rather than submitting a 2.3Mb file that consisted of one jpeg and 2.2Mb of music

You REALLY need to go and learn more about Flash if you intend to make a go of this. Take the time to search & read.

Liked the style

Had some funny little bits. I thought it was really good, my only suggestion would be to use a little more animation earlier on, rather than the still shots. Definitely got better towards the end. Congrats on DF... keep up the good work!

nice job

Cool blood splatters, funny stickdeaths in large numbers. Strangely random but very good.

Pretty silly, but quite funny.

Nicely done. Could maybe have been a little smoother, but I guess that's just stop-motion. I particularly liked the FF/Rwind/Stop controls, I wish Knox would adopt something like that in his movies. Be even better if he added a 'Skip to End' button.

Nice little FBF

Good work on this, it was entertaining viewing. The tutorial's pretty useful too. Nice idea to combine the two. Only suggestion I'd make would be to add a background of some sort to the movie.

Excellent job, keep up the good work...

jmtb02 responds:

I was trying to draw a background, and nothing seemed to fit. But yes, a background would come in handy. Thanks for the review!

Pretty damn good

The art is excellent from the word go. SoundFX fitted well, storyline was funny. Shame there's not going to be a full-length version, but superb work on this.

Great animation

But you forgot the music

Monny responds:

Nah, I accidently uploaded the wrong one.....


Hilarious. Great voices, excellent graphics, made me laugh out load. Superb job.

Godlimations responds:

thanks :)

Very nice for your first

Some cool touches in there, plot was good, soundfx fitted well. Nice job. Look forward to your future work.

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