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Very, very nice use of 3D

Good music & voices. I haven't seen the other episodes (I will later); unfortunately this on its own stands up more as a showcase for 3D talent than a movie with a plot. The graphics were exquisite; the use of several different media was cool, and the combining was flawless. My only complaint apart from the lack of any apparent storyline is the lack of character animation; their stillness stands out like a sore thumb against the environment.
Still, a magnificent example of what can be done with Flash. Admirable work, keep it up.


Art and animation were excellent. The voiceover was a bit lame, should have been more dramatic, and could've benefitted from some soundFX/spooky music.
Some nice touches in there. Overall, pretty good movie.


Very small, very short, very silly, very funny. Good job.


The idea was good, but the execution of it wasn't. The graphics (house, fence etc) weren't detailed enough (shading), the speech/buttons were frankly annoying, and the storyline didn't have any depth to it. Spend a bit more time on the graphics, and get yourself a decent storyboard together - I think you have the potential to produce something far better than this


Worth the blue. Superb art & animation, good & seasonal. Just a shame you cut it off there. Otherwise, not much at all to find fault with - excellent movie.

Juanch316 responds:

I Had too, the file size was getting too big and is i cut it anywhere else where else, it wouldnt have left much for the second part, thanks tho :D


Great graphic style, and choice of music. Voices were a bit horrible. Ended too soon, just when it started to get interesting.

Definitely got a lot of potential, just needs a longer storyline. Good job. I'll be watching out for ep2.

Voices were annoying

Graphics & animation were pretty cool, but the whole thing seemed totally pointless. If it was supposed to be funny, it failed dismally. You need a much better storyboard if you're gonna impress people with this series.

Great use of sprites

Brilliantly drawn & animated. Decent storyline too. Respect due for your hard work. I look forward to EP2

PS bumped the score up from 2.61 to 2.63 for ya

Pretty sweet

I normally hate skate movies, but you obviously spent a lot of time on the graphics & backgrounds, so this definitely merits the score. I know, it's probably impractical, but it would have been nice to be able to put the cross-hairs to use during the movie... =). Could maybe do with some bg music also. Nice job though, makes a pleasant change from the deluge of crappy stick skate movies.

bakerrr responds:

umm thanks. and actually i made a kinda neat easteregg in the middle. when he pushes put the cursor ovwer the clock. its kinda lame though

Very silly

But quite amusing. Would like to see a little more animation. You should have got some ol' dancehall music or something playing in the background too, it needed that really.

Overall, not a bad submission. Keep it up!

gclpunk responds:

Yea I figured i needed more animation i was a little lazt so didn t animate that much. I really wanted some music but i couldnt figure out get music and voice overs. And the ways I tried were not effective overall thanks for reviewing and thanks again for making it constructive!

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