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5 seasons of unadulterated, unfunny crap. That's really something to celebrate. Still, I suppose so long as you can sell some T-Shirts, it's all cool.

Seriously though, the last time I wrote a review on a Foamy flash, which was a couple of years ago, I suggested you try creating a new character to work with... but clearly you're quite happy continuing to fob your fans off with poorly animated sexual innuendo, rather than actually putting some effort into something new, funny, and interesting.


Yup, good point. Only no-one listens.

btw, I'm just going on Google to see if I can find an image to use for my Steve Irwin tribute


fetusdoctor responds:

LOLOLOLOLOOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Relly he's dead? i didn't hear the news LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OLOLOLOOL. No one listens? You listened, so did 500 other people LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL join Barney Bunch plz kthxbai!


Jolly good show, old bean.

Happy Clock Day!

RupeeClock responds:

Snap, NG's beloved Denvish. :O

Glad you liked it!

Happy Clock Day to you too!

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Excellent game

Bit of a different slant on the kitty cannon genre, the upgrades add a new dimension. Graphics and coding excellent, and the medals not impossibly hard. Pretty addictive but having beaten the 1 million mark (1193463.9) I think that's probably enough. Slight bug/flaw in that once you've topped 183 off the top of the screen it seems to always go back up to 183 so long as you hold W&D and don't hit anything. Cannon at 45, full power, sniper rifle once, then missile, then the rest of the sniper rifle bullets before hitting ground again.
Thoroughly enjoyed the game, well done.


VERY good for a first game, your work seams together nicely. Love the concept, game engine is pretty sweet, my only complaint is the american voiceover, and there should be more 'oh, crikey', 'what dashing bad luck' etc during the gameplay. Overall, brilliant.


Nice work. Graphics/animations looked cool, gameplay was interesting. music was a bit tinny in places, and the game could have benefitted from some soundFX. Pretty entertaining though, and a cut above the majority of games on NG. Well done!

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Not bad at all

I like it, very laid back. Drums are a bit dodgy but the rest meshes together quite nicely. Do some more!

C418 responds:

Yes. I wanted something different. The drums are probably not everyones taste because they even get a little weird. Thanks for the review. From what I heard about newgrounds, I never thought of getting any :)


Normally I wouldn't approve non-musical submissions, but this was a good story, well-read with a nice streak of toilet humour. I doubt anyone will use it in a Flash, but I guess you never know. Either way, it deserves a spot on the AP. I particularly like the Jamie Theakston impression.

TeabagKettle responds:

I would think that anyone would notice.

How did you know

about the hat? I thought it was a secret. At least you didn't mention the gigantic moustache. Funny little song. Needs banjo =D.

Khuskan responds:

I'm afraid you're going to have to settle for ukalalae... I've neglected to actually get a banjo yet.

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