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Not bad at all

I like it, very laid back. Drums are a bit dodgy but the rest meshes together quite nicely. Do some more!

C418 responds:

Yes. I wanted something different. The drums are probably not everyones taste because they even get a little weird. Thanks for the review. From what I heard about newgrounds, I never thought of getting any :)


Normally I wouldn't approve non-musical submissions, but this was a good story, well-read with a nice streak of toilet humour. I doubt anyone will use it in a Flash, but I guess you never know. Either way, it deserves a spot on the AP. I particularly like the Jamie Theakston impression.

TeabagKettle responds:

I would think that anyone would notice.

How did you know

about the hat? I thought it was a secret. At least you didn't mention the gigantic moustache. Funny little song. Needs banjo =D.

Khuskan responds:

I'm afraid you're going to have to settle for ukalalae... I've neglected to actually get a banjo yet.


You might want to read the rules on the Audio Submit page again... particularly:

4. You are giving permission to Flash authors to use your audio, free of charge.

No-one is obliged to ask you before using this track, by uploading it to NG you automatically gave permission.

As for the music, have to say, it's nothing special. Doesn't seem to develop at all, never really goes anywhere, lacks anything besides the drums.

Kooh responds:


Very nice

Constructive criticism:
- Add variety. Have two or three sections, with different chords sequences (in the same key, of course), and alternate between them.
- Make it a song. Add some lyrics, or at least a melody. This would sound great with a main voice singing the lead melody, and those harmonies adding emphasis

Nice guitar work, though. I think you could make something really classy if you put your mind to it

Sweet rhythm

Makes a nice change from the usual electronic bum-ching. I'll definitely be using a section or two of this in a future game. Good job.

pitbulljones responds:

thanks mate, much appreiciated, ive got loads more stuff im just getting em uploaded, but thanks for the review it'll keep me spurred on to do more.


I really like both of these tracks. I had them looping for about 5 times each while I was on the BBS. I like the girl's voice, and the guitar parts are pretty polished. Drummer could definitely hold it together, too. The only thing I thought was harmonies, I think a couple of extra vocal tracks would have added some more depth to the sound.

Cool beans, anyway. Wonder how long it'll take for these to hit platinum =)

liljim responds:

Steph was pretty ill when we did those recordings and her voice was starting to give after just getting the lead lines down.

It's a shame, because she had an amazing soprano part just before the outro on this track that would otherwise have been included; as it stands, she kept coughing and spluttering whenever she attempted that, so we had to leave that and any other backing we might have put in.

Crazy percussion

Been a while since I reviewed an audio submission. I love the drums on this, to the extent of using a short clip from it in my new game (OverrunII, should be out in a week or so). I agree with Rucklo, don't like the synthesised vocals at the start, but apart from that, I think this track is pretty damn good. It's frantic.

I'm surprised that not a single person has used your audio in a Flash yet. I'm happy to help you out on that front. I'll get back to being more regular on the Audio Forum once I've finished this project, too.

Thanks for the reviews on my audio, they are appreciated.

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

holy shit dude thanks!!! thats awesome man! thanks i really appreciate it

Love it

Not often I write audio reviews, but I was really impressed with this. As a fan of ragtime, I love chromatic scales and syncopation, both of which this piece has in abundance. Sweet, original, and displays a real command of music.

May use this

Although the mix is a little strange, I'm considering using a chunk of this as audio for one of levels of my next Flash game. I haven't scored it as highly as What It Takes simply for the reason that it's not really a standalone, but it's probably more suitable for Flash use than your other 3 submissions.
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