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I remember someone reviewing the song saying they were going to make a MV for it, but it wasn't you. That was totally unexpected and very funny - particularly the pissing on grave bit. Good job =D How cool was that???

stoners-lunchbox responds:

LOL. To have the author of the song himself give me such positive feedback is the max. Now i have confirmation that i really did do a good job with the music video!

Thanks Denvish! Today i feel on top of the world!


Absolutely awesome collection. Your talent is just mind-blowing.
<3 Definitive

xtil responds:

thank ya denvish happy dd to you too :) much <3 back


Beats that fucking frog, hands down.
I expect to see this on Top of the Pops

Hello there

I hope you like pie


Happy Clock Day

TheStarSyndicate responds:

indeed i do sir


lol, congrats on getting your first Flash on NG, and with a pretty respectable score, too. Don't let the reviewers get to you, you'll get assholes no matter how good your Flash is. Just ignore the idiots, don't even bother wasting time responding.

PiePie responds:

well thanks for the review and I will try but I couldn't help myself he was asking for it next time....


Absolutely fucking superb. It's one of my favourite Beatles, too - it's just so different from the usual stuff, and although it's got a jolly rhythm to it, if you actually listen to the lyrics, it's a pretty evil song.... which you translated to animation wonderfully.
Amazing animation, brilliamt touches of style, sweet graphics, and more than a touch of humour. Very sweet indeed, this deserves my 5 and a place in the top 50 IMO.


Smart stuff. Some sweet animation you got there, it's good to see some quality movies getting submitted from the Locks. Strangest lookin' peach I've ever seen though. Happy Lock Day!

DTL responds:

that peach in my movie! shows what peaches really look like! and thanks :D
Happy lockday!


Nice work, it's always fun to watch the LL and CC collabs. I particularly liked Wonchop's bit, with the solo, but the whole thing was pretty cool, even if it didn't make a great deal of sense in terms of linking the different clips together. Well done.


Very, very nice for a first Flash. Unique graphic style, interesting subject, cool music, and a very reasonable filesize. I'm extremely impressed, and look forward to future episodes.


Very nice animation. Extremely smooth, pretty damn professional in fact. And I love Scott Joplin's music, so bonus points there.
Unfortunately, the filesize was too large for the length of the movie, and the film kind of stopped when it was getting interesting. I know stop-motion auto-creates large filesizes, but I feel that you could optimise this so you could either have a smaller file or a longer story. It might help if you used Flash as well as After Effects

Anyway, pretty impressive. I look forward to future episodes.

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