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Yay Simpsons

Quite a polished presentation, but it needs LOADS more words & phrases. Also you really should use Actionscript on the buttons to stopAllSounds() before playing the next... check it out in the Actionscript Dictionary in Flash>Help menu

Real 3D?

Graphics during gameplay are superb. That's one hell of a game engine you have there. Crash screen is awful. Main problem is it's virtually impossible to see where the road's going next. Maybe do a wider screen on it? Also some sounds would be good. Very nice for the filesize, though. Look forward to the finished product...

Good graphics but

I fail to understand how anyone could actually enjoy a military dressup game. Seems like a wierd way to get your kicks...

Don't know how/why this got saved

It looks good, but it's unplayable because the controls don't work. I look forward to the fixed version...


ooh those blocky sprites, don't you just love em? Never played the original, but it looks amazingly authentic. Great job.

Lovely job

What a superb piece of work. Graphics are stunning, sound is spot on, coding exquisite... I just can't think of enough superlatives. I love word games, but couldn't figure out how I was getting 600-700 while others were boasting 2000+ - and then I got Wade... zoink!!!!!
I think the game is pretty damn good as it is, you just have to get used to not using vowels. However, I do have a few of suggestions in case you ever decide to update it (go on, release a version2, you know you want to...):
1) Online highscore table of top 20/50, or even one using Flash cookies on local machine so you can beat your own score.
2) A few more lines for Mr Flacit (no, not cocaine)
3) Definitely a 'SKIP ROUND' button. As gfox said, it gets annoying if you get a poor draw with no vowels
4) Plurals/past tense
5) Possibly change the scoring so 3 letter word=13, 4 letter=15, 5 letter=18, 6 letter=22 etc

Great job. I look forward to your next Flash project, should you ever get time to have one.

Oh yeah, high score = 1815 but I am gonna beat that, even if it kills me

liljim responds:

Not sure what the score changes would do to change anything - other than inflate everything by 10 points.

I'd have loved to include plurals and what not - maybe I should have worked harder on making sure they were there before release, but there are around 40,000 words in the engine and it's a tough job to get every word in there. :)


While I understand the effort it takes to make a game like this, I didn't think it was anywhere near as good as it could be (or as good as DYC, on which it was obviously based). I thought the drawings were quite crude, the choice of text was awful (looks OK in fullscreen, but otherwise, blehh) and the text boxes could have been arranged better. In the DRAG option, you can still drag the attackers after you've killed them (for example, the tanks whilst they're in the process of exploding); the archers & gunners did virtually no damage, and the spells were too powerful - too easy to wait until they almost hit the castle, chuck a meteor and then fireball at them and bang attack over.
But the biggest problem of all is the LENGTH of each attack. You have more attackers to deal with, but they all come onto the screen within 10 seconds. You really have to stretch the attack out longer as the levels go up - that way, the charge bars for the spells will actually have some use. You should also stop the bars from charging between levels, as that makes it all too easy, too.
Don't get me wrong, I do like the game, and played it for a couple of hours - but it needs some major bugs ironing out, and a little more depth adding.

Really very good

Definitely one of the best dressups on NG. Lots of clothes, fit babe, and a rampant rabbit. What more could anyone want???


Great to see someone put some effort into a dressup rather than just throwing a couple of clothes that look like they've been drawn by a spaz together. Really nice movie, good-looking bits of animation (although I must admit I've never seen breasts move like that before...). You've obviously spent some time on this, and it deserves the score it's got, if not higher. My only comment would be to either to make the stage bigger, or create several pages of clothes - it's a bit annoying having to 'dig' to see what's there.
Keep up the good work

Great game

I've seen other people submit versions of this. I assumed it was a tut from a site like Flashkit, but if it's truly your own work, then you deserve a higher score than its current 3.41. This is very entertaining, the graphics look cool. It eminds me of R-Type to a certain extent; a translation of that classic into Flash will always be welcome! Keep it up with the AS, and look I forward to your future submissions.

Fadeliss responds:

im sure other people have submitted it it can be found www.oxxenking.com and mine as out about 4 months ago under judgement so it gave people time to submit it before me. but you know

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