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By the style of the title screen, I thought it was going to be good... but it was possibly the most boring game I've ever played. Needed decent graphics, bg music, some animation of the sprites, a background, anything, to add something to make it stand out.


Good enough idea. Graphics were OK in some places, but not so good in others. Bug: music loops and overlaps when you die & restart, which is REALLY loud. I'd also suggest putting instructions in game as well as in author's comments, or better still, flash a 'press R to reload' when the magazine's empty.
Could do with a few more different enemies.
Overall, though, not a bad FPS, but needs quite a bit of work if you want to be getting awards.


Very clever, but unfortunately not terribly entertaining. I can understand totally why you'd want to make this, but a good game needs more in the way of graphics and sound. The playability was fine, and coding superb, so kudos for that... I'd like at some point to see you do a full game, because with the right graphics, your AS skills would probably blow away the majority of NG competition.


I thought the original was pretty good, but you've improved it massively. Really excellent game, absorbing, great graphics & interactivity. I appreciate that you've obviously spent a fair amount of time on the non-game stuff, like the intro screens. I'd recommend this to anyone.

Good job. You should get a daily award for this.


Good game. But how many times are you intending to submit it before you actually finish it? I can understand doing it once to get some feedback, but then you should have gone back and added all the features you intend to; THEN re-submit it one more time for bug-testing before the final submit. The way you're going, you're going to have about 10 versions of it on NG before it's completed.

In terms of gameplay, it's still a little easy beyond the first 2 levels. Just stack up on swordsmen and send em all in at once. Beyond the 2nd level, it's a walkover - you need to make the enemies do more damage (cluster grenades?), as well as raising the castle HP.


No grenades. It's in medieval times. But I might make watch towers...


Hmmm. Maybe you should've listened to my advice, and acted on it before you re-submitted this. It's currently awfully close to blammage.

amit-patel responds:

blah blah blah. thats all i see ass*#!?


Cool variation on SI. Could have used a bit of work on cleaning the gifs up, but certainly playable/watchable.


Wow, that's one excellent song, where did you find it? =)
Great tutorial. I was thinking of writing something like this, but you beat me to it...
Good job. Thanks for the plug...

FLiXD responds:

I found it in the trash-bin
It made me laugh, so I brushed off the gravy and placed it firmly but gently into my movie


Very ambitious tutorial, must've taken a while to write. The problem you have is that the average Flash learner will probably be fed up of reading by the 3rd page; and a lot of the people who vote on movies on this site don't use Flash, so they'll go by the look of it, rather than the content. There was a lot of substance to this, but the interface could have been more attractive (not saying it was bad, I've seen a LOT worse).

I will say, as I've said before, that I don't think people who haven't managed to get a proper Flash through the Portal have any right to submit tutes; however, I think you're an exception, since you obviously know what you're talking about. So go back to Flash and make & submit a kick-ass FPS...


Fairly basic. Nice enough art & animation, good music. Not really entertaining for more than about 2 minutes, and I wanted to slap that bloke who kept on popping his head round the corner...

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