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Could have been a whole lot better.
The tuts were good enough for basic users, but the presentation of this flash was awful. Why didn't you take a little more time to produce something that looked good? It wouldn't have taken much to line the buttons up, put a frame around it, make the buttons better-looking... if you're going to submit tutorials for new users, you should be setting an example. Tht may have taken a while to build, but the overall look was of something that was thrown together in minutes.

amit-patel responds:

thanx ill take this and put it into my next tutorial.master.


I have to agree with the guy who said they're not random. Unfortunately, I can't remember the fix, either =(

Nice looking dice. Not sure how much use they'll get in a real-life situation, but definitely a novel idea. The only time I would think of using them would be for yahtzee.

Anyway, good job. You've got some great AS skills


yeah the graphics look very nice, and the music fits well. But you don't give any indication of how good the gameplay's going to be, so it's hard to score this. I hope the finished product lives up to the hype...


Would have been better with a quicker framerate I think.
I liked the idea of the pixel-style animation, but I'd like even more if you added some colour. Gameplay was pretty repetitive, and got boring very quickly. Would be a good basis for a game, but needs a lot more depth. Good choice of music.

The-EXP responds:

Yeah, thanks for taking the time to see Robert's origin...it helps to understand the game.

boombastic jazz style

It was an OK take on the old 8-ball thing. I seemed to get 'No Clue' an awful lot. Animation was pretty good, sounds fitted well. Entertaining for about 3 minutes.

Oh yeah, and you really should credit the audio to the band (Dream Warriors) when you submit.


Basic graphics, good (funny) background story. Fun enough game, but not entertaining for any length of time. Maybe use moving targets next time, to add a bit more variety. Sound FX and music were fine.
OK game, could just use a bit more depth.


Good enough version of dodgeball, cool background. Everything's a little small, and it could do with a highscore table. Good work though.


If one of the enemies gets past you, off the bottom of the screen, the next wave doesn't appear.
Got too fast too quickly. Could also be improved by having explosions when you get hit/lose. Nice coding, though, and the graphics aren't too bad either. Good job, just needs a bit more work.
Congrats on being 16...

Heh, fun

Cool to see stuff like this getting through. You got some good words in there. Apparently I'm a drugged stripper who likes to bodypaint Santa...
Nice coding. Suggestions: could maybe do with some work on the graphics, and some background music wouldn't go amiss. Otherwise, nice job, well done on getting through the portal with a file this small.


Yeah I liked that. Only really entertaining for about 5 minutes, but an interesting idea for a game. Good coding, pretty good graphics. Sound loop was OK, bit boring after a while. Would suggest some animation to background characters...?
I think you can do better. Prove me right... =)

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