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Well, you certainly surprised me

After seeing your tank game demo, this is the last thing I would have expected from you. Reading back through the reviews, some of them are pretty harsh. I guess it's just that good ol' NG mentality - my advice: pinch of salt.

Now, the game. The controls are simple, but I found it quite fun. Maybe you should add a status bar which shows any boost-ups/enemies left/levels left - then again, I quite like the clean look, the fact there's no clutter. The graphics were good, and the music wasn't overpowering (suggestion no2 - volume control/jukebox?). Character animation was nice, AS worked a treat.

I'm guessing that the reason that so many reviewers have called it boring is because there's no way to die/lose - so long as you persist, you can win (although it gets bloody hard). I'd suggest having timer that runs down for each level, and 3 lives. Most NG users would probably like it better if more blood was involved, too... sad, isn't it?

BrianSexton responds:

Thank you for the feedback, including the suggestions.

Why was this so surprising after my tank demo? Because a first-cat (har har har) shooter is very different from a tank game?

I have been working on an updated version of Black Cat Ops with various improvements, including difficulty/skill selection, but I want to be clear that I am working on an update right now, not a completely new game with significantly different gameplay. I have considered implementing a timer to emphasize the fact that time is a factor, but I also enjoy the clean interface and I do not want to overcomplicate things in the update (I may, however, revise the gameplay more significantly in a sequel).

Thanks again for the feedback!

Yes, very well made

Very reminiscent of Double Dragon or Tekken Force. Some great animation, and pretty full-on AS. Needs more depth, like power-ups/weapons, but you're obviously still in development, and this is pretty impressive for half a game. I look forward to playing the finished version.

Good enough little game

Found the music annoying, and the acceleration was a little tardy, but quite an entertaining 1/2 hour.

Mmmm I prefer naked women myself

Good art, smart enough dressup. It's just that dressing AH & co doesn't really do much for me.

Nice idea, but

You need to add something else to it if you want to keep the player amused. This game involves no skill, and gets boring very quickly.
Graphics and animation are nice, though.


Really, really good. Ace graphics, superb coding... just a pleasure to play

For a first game, that's pretty good

Graphics are nice. Main problem is Felix goes too far to the right, so you can't see approaching enemies. Apart from that, great job.

Fairly basic

I thought the preloader looked better than the soundboard. Nice large choice of sound-bytes, but I didn't really think it was anywhere near as good as it could have been. For a start, you could have put the buttons on 2 pages, so that it wasn't so cramped. Secondly, it is possible via AS to stop each sound when you press a new button (without having to click the stopAllSounds button.
So... kinda nice work, but could definitely have been better.

It just HAD to be the top hat

Pretty funky side-scroller. I liked the animations, gameplay was pretty cool too. Found it hard to control at first, but soon got used to it. Nice little game...


I must admit, I've never understood the obsession with MegaMan - maybe I've been put off by too many crappy sprite movies. Nice to see the sprites actually getting put to good use for once. Excellent job, think I'll be playing this for a little while yet...

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