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Good premise for an interactive Flash, but I have to say I was disappointed. The old woman was funny, but the rest was pretty boring. Definitely not one to add to favorites, sorry.


That's one of the funniest and most bizarre things I've seen in a while. Nicely constructed, great graphics, and a really stupid plot... loved it.


Music is cool, I like the interactivity, graphics were admirable. A very informative Flash. First-rate job.
I particularly like the random characters that pop up if you don't do anything for a while. Nice touch.

Great game, great filesize

Really like the amount of customisation that was possible. The game was top-notch, not played the original, but massive respect due for your work on this.

Excellent work

Hope you bother reading your reviews

Cool game. Sapped my CPU way too much (99% on AMD 2.6GHz) on levels 20+, and during the in-between levels screen.
Like the style though, and it kept me entertained for a good hour or two. Other suggestions, add a little music maybe. I've read what other reviewers are saying about the crosshairs being too dark, but I think that's right to leave it like that; more distant targets should be harder to hit. As for crosshairs being BEHIND the zombies, if it's not intentional, just use swapDepths("xhairsmc", 99999) and it'll be in front.

People have also mentioned gamesaving, which would be nice, as would a pause button.
If you don't know about Flash cookies, check out SharedObject.getLocal:

Create a savefile like so (on main timeline):
var savefile = SharedObject.getLocal("savefilename");

Write data to savefile like this:

Pull data from save file like so:
if (savefile.data.zzzzz=="xxxx"){yyydothisyyy}

I don't know enough about your coding to suggest what to do about CPU usage, but it's a big problem, even on loQ

Anyway, enough negatives... I loved the game, keep up the good work!

Seawana responds:

I have lightened up the crosshairs since so many people have asked for that change. However, they remain behind the enemies on purpose. Why? Because YOU are aiming from behind them.

As for a game save, thanks for the info. I had thought about adding a game save, but didn't have the time to implement one just yet.

Agreed on the CPU usage too. There's a lot of actionscript going on in the background and I'm not a guru just yet, so I don't know the best way to optimize it. Hopefully in the future I will be able to fix that. It runs pretty well on my 2Ghz Athlon, so I figured that was aceptable for now.

Thanks for the helpful review.

Very, very nice coding

And good, clean graphics. You submitted this ages ago, why haven't you turned it into a game yet?
The controls are a little tricky. They're not too intuitive. But I'd definitely make the effort to get used to them if this was a game.
The tank needs to be smaller, or the screen bigger.
The music is jarring, and is the worst thing about this demo.

I hope you get round to finishing the game. I can only dream of being able to code like that.

BrianSexton responds:

Thank you for the kind words and the constructive criticism.

I have not yet implemented this tank in a game because I have been busy with college classes and other projects, including experimental Flash game engines that use both scrolling and perfect-wrapping (game entities can smoothly slide from one side of the screen through to the other instead of just popping over instantly). I will try to put the tank and console to good use soon, though.

Controlling both vehicle and turret movement can be a bit tricky, but I have not yet decided upon final controls, so hopefully I can get that smoothed out for you. I might offer multiple control sets and/or customizable controls.

I agree about the size; I want to make the screen larger, but I am not sure how well that would be accepted. 800 x 600 might be safe for Newgrounds gamers. Hmm . . . perhaps I can work multiple resolutions into the game engine (I could leave it scalable, of course, but Newgrounds needs to know the size, so I need to work around that).

I thought that was kind of fun tank-driving music, but whatever music makes its way into an actual game with the tank (or tanks, as is likely to be the case) will be appropriate for the game.

Thanks again for the kind words and constructive criticism.

Pretty good.

Couple of bits of advice:
Work on your 'Author's comments'. Run them through a spellchecker, avoid the use of the word 'blam', and generally make them more coherent. Bad summary of the game = bad score.

Same applies to the help at the start of the game.

It's spelled 'Quarantine'.

So based on your comments and the instructions, I was ready to blam this. But the actual game is pretty damn good. Cool graphics, nice interface, quite challenging.

So just try to polish up on your presentation a bit, and keep submitting stuff like this.


I really hope that people take the time to read this. Loads of useful info, presented in a highly entertaining style... this should be used as NG reference, linked from the FAQ.
I did have a few ideas about what you could add while I was watching it, but I forgot most of them. You could possibly suggest that first-time Flashers check their reviews in the Obituaries to pick up tips on where they went wrong.
Some great movies in there, too, even the 'crappy' ones were worth watching for humour, and I particularly liked your version of 'kill the guard'.
Anyway, as a Flasher and BPer myself, I'll finish off with: Well done. Spot on.

Xenosteel responds:

I included your advice about the obituaries, though I modified it a bit :P
hehe thanks I liked Vai-Oh-Lyn's (my version of kill the gaurd) too!

your words were very lovely, they really cheered me up and made me glad for spending all the effort in making this tutorial, I deeply thank you!


Really original concept. Window was a bit too narrow for my liking, but I assume that was purposeful. Cool graphics, and good selection of suitable audio. Not something I'll be coming back to time & again, but an entertaining few minutes.
Good work

Yep, pretty good

It looks polished. The preloader is nice, you added a good selection of new samples, and nice to see you took my advice to add the Stop All Sounds button. I personally think it would be better if you added it as the first action on each sound sample button (yes, I know it would involve a lot of cut/pasting)
so it kicked in before the next sound file was called.
Pretty damn good Simpsons soundboard, though. Not much you can do to improve it further IMO.

rafidhoda responds:

thanks, yes i was trying to do that, but i coudent figure it out. Could we talk about this?

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