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OK. First off, the positives. This was fun to play. Maybe it's because I'm a programmer myself, but I really enjoyed it. However, there is a massive amount of room for improvement - this definitely feels like a beta, rather than a finished product

Please don't take these comments as a rant of hatred, I'm just trying to offer some positive criticism and suggestions.

Regen and Osmose are virtually pointless. Really. They're just too slow to make a blind bit of difference. Better off boosting magic and healing.

Max damage is too low, it's just annoying when enemies are healing 2x the damage you gave each turn - or 1x, then hitting you five times.

There should be some kind of indication out of battle whether there's any point increasing the Angels. Once they get to 10 skill level, they seem to need no more skill points.

What's the point of Bash, Bang, and Boom, when the max damage you can do depends on the sword you have? If the max for the sword is 5000, then BOOM should do 7500 - not 5000.

The second enemy (with the pointy sword) can hit you 8 times, AND THEN HEAL HIMSELF, each go. Not only is it extremely annoying to watch (why not do the same damage in 2 or 3 hits?), it also makes boosting your stats pretty pointless.

In-battle, Strike, Bomb, Destroy and Bomb all do the same damage (assuming you take my approach and boost up Enchanted Angel, and then just Magic-Up in battle). Why bother having more than one Magic attack? I just completed the game simply using Enchanted Angel + (10), HP+ (4000), and then Magic-Up and Strike in battle. This kind of game should reward you for maxing out your stats, but it's actually a lot easier if you complete the game on as low a battle setting as possible.
The first time I tried it, I maxed out every stat, and basically it was impossible to beat the last two levels. On the second time through, I just leapt throught the levels as quickly as possible, and it was a LOT easier - with a 2000 max hit power, I killed most enemies in 5 or 6 hits (apart from the final boss, which took 20-30 hits)

I understand why this isn't perfect - it's hard to play the game as 'a viewer' rather than the creator, but I really think this needs a LOT more work (basically, variable-tweaking), and maybe some more varied enemies. It's definitely playable, and enjoyable, now, but it could be a really classic game with a bit more work.


Definitely one of the best Inglor Day submissions, I wouldn't have a clue where to start with making something like this. I have sympathy with you for the idiots who didn't read the author's notes/download FP8 - it's just a fact that a lot of Portal viewers are morons.

You should spend some time polishing this up and submit it at a later date when everyone has upgraded to FP8, it has a great deal of potential, but the fact that you were rushing to finish it shows, unfortuntaely. Nevertheless, cool game, great concept, and well-coded.

Teee-Haych responds:

Thankyou so much Denvish, I've been feeling pretty bad about myself after seeing the final score on this, as I had indeed thought it had potential, and busted my ass trying to make something of it, really it means a lot to know I'm not the only one that thought so, thanks :) <3


Cool-looking game, and addictive too. The scoreboard is bullshit, though, I don't believe it's possible to get 38000 in this game.


I personally think this deserves a lot higher than 3.28, but I've learnt from experience that novel approaches scare the masses. I love this game, the whole feel of it is totally unique. The graphics are just hilarious (montypythonesque), the scenario is bizarre, and it's crystal clear that a shitload of effort went into this game.

Oh yeah, and I review-banned samoriasshole, because he was abusing the author, and because he's a dick.

Excellent game.

bartard responds:

well I thought I pretty much pwnd him with my witty reply.
and im pretty pissed off about the score to be honest, why bother doing any thing different if all people want is mario parodies and hentai


That was actually pretty fun. Put a bit more time into graphics, add some sounds, and I reckon this would definitely be saved.

Nice job

I haven't spent too long playing either this or the KB version, but I think this is a cool game that you can be proud of. The graphics could possibly use a little work, but I understand how tricky it is to create good sprites with API. Well done.

Fifened, of course =)

Rustygames responds:

Cheers denvish. I know you more then anybody can apreciate this kind of work so thanks


Your issue with the scoreboard is caused by Flash's sandbox security, I had the same problem with the scoreboard on the original Overrun. If you want information about the fix, email me. My email is in my sig text on the NG forums, use my profile to find my posts...

Good enough game, could still use some graphic improvement (backgrounds in particular), but quite enjoyable for a few minutes. Keep up the good work

Aldarnc responds:

Thanx alot mate! I will e-mail you, i know about the graphics, the upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0 should cover those :).


Great game. I saw it come through the Portal yesterday but was too busy on my own project to play it properly. I just sat and played for 2-3 hours, finishing on day 600 (the last 250 days were spent flicking between day and night, creating and submitting Flash to get my Flash points up).

Suggestions? Blam/Protect and Reviews were both way too easy - took me quite a while to find out how to buy Flash, maybe you should include that in the helpfile - emails are a fucking nightmare (but I see you're working on that) - could do with more music options, or at least a longer loop.

Nice coding, and pretty polished graphics. Enjoyable to play for a few hours, although I can't imagine coming back to play it again. Overall, excellent job, and respect due for producing an extremely high-scoring non-sex Sim. Congratulations on Daily Feature & Front Page and, I should imagine, weekly first.

See you on the boards soon!

Afro-Ninja responds:

Thanks for the thought-out review : )
Yeah I know the music gets annoying, but with the filesize so high already I didn't want to add any more :/


I personally think this deserves saving. But it seems it isn't going to be, so here's some feedback:
1) Compress your music. The filesize was way too big. Go to FILE>PUBLISH SETTINGS>FLASH tab, and drop it to 16 or 32 kbps
2) Spend a little more time on graphics - for instance, gradient backgrounds, add some lighting to the ball using radial gradient, etc
3) Find a more showy font, take time to line the text up nicely, and run everything through a spellchecker

Not at all bad as far as platformers go. Keep it up, make it more shiny, and it'll get on NG in the end.

androidclock responds:

Thanks, I'll bear this in mind for no.2!


Yeah, good variation on pong, and nice enough graphics. But you need to run a hitTest between your paddle and the opponents, or between your paddle and the left-hand end of the table, to prevent cheating (as mentioned in previous reviews). Also some sounds/music would be nice.
Sure the table is wider in real air-hockey, too

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