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Retiring (mostly) from NG

Posted by Denvish - October 5th, 2007

...not that anyone will really notice, given my current activity levels. I had a brief spurt of activity a short while ago, but basically my interest levels in NG have waned recently. I've been barely active as a BBS mod or poster, I haven't been on the Flash portal for weeks/months, and although I've been regularly clearing the AP pending list, the two weeks' enforced internet absence (see previous News Post) gives me a good excuse to try and cut down the amount of time I spend in front of the PC.

I have to thank Tom/NG for the inspiration to start making games, and the exposure. I have to thank the community for accepting me, as an older user, and giving me a great time here - from my first submission, 7 Kisses, through my statwhore time up to EGSC and beyond in Wi/Ht, to the great community we had going with Inglor, liam & co in the Flash forum - from the Star Syndicate fun, to drunken ranting threads in General - from being there with James at the creation of the Audio Forum, to the excitement of the redesign... it's been a blast, and although I'm not going to mention names due to fear of missing out vital ones, I'd like to thank ALL of you for making my time here so enjoyable and fun.

I requested that Tom de-BBS-mod me, although I will remain as an audio mod for the moment

I may well be back at some point in the future, but I feel it only fair that I should let those who know me into what's going on, why I haven't been around much, and why I'm not likely to be around much for a while.

Keep well and stay happy :)

See you anon


Bob (Denvish)

Retiring (mostly) from NG

Comments (101)

lol is nice

maaaaan, its sad u goin. dude ur denvish site and all that stuff u made for this website. its been really awsome havin ya here ya helped the comunity alot:D well good luck at whatever you are gonna do next

ok dude

man to bad your leaving, i mean you worked that hard and your just gonna let it go, and hey this is a teenager who just signed up 9 weeks ago. Well... hope you find something perductive.

That really sucks... Despite not being active your a huge figure in the NG Community. Having you gone sucks more then Paris Hilton on Saterday night.
But seriously... This really bums me out.
What are you going to do though in all that non-NG time?

fuck you you're not my dad you just root my mother sometimes it's not the same so fuck off

but she soooooooooooo hottttttttttttt

That .gif is very relative!

I understand entirely... I'm surprised you stuck so long but NG only interests people for a matter of time. Thanks for everything you contributed on NG and hope to see you come back for short visits every hour and then.

You will be very dearly missed.

That doesn't mean you excuse you from the next UK meet! I'm onto you, Denvish!

Take it easy, Mr. Bob, we wish you well irl.


sometimes a hiatus is in order.. sounds like you had alot going on in your life anyway so its cool to be able to step away.. HOWEVER i fully expect you to be back... NG is like herpes, it may go away for a little bit but it eventually comes back around... anyway take care of your shit.. i think youre a great asset to the community wether you post once a year or eight times a day.. i think that you should definately not totally let go of us.

Oh, I'll be back, whether full or part time, I expect. I needed a break, and what with moving house and having crappy internet, it's been longer than expected, but also a relief. I'm sure once I get broadband there'll be a time when I'm back on NG more regularly. I do miss it and am proud to wear one of my NG shirts pretty much every day of the week

Best of luck, Daddy D! Do pop by and say "hi" on occation, and I'll have the milk and cookies all set up for ya! :)

Thanks for everything you've done Denvish. You've done a great job even if it was thankless a lot of the time. As one of the AF regs, I'll speak for all of us by saying that we wish you the best and hope that you'll decide to pop in on us at some point in the future to say hi.

Take it easy!

I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I've seen your positive impact around the site. Good luck, and happy trails!

You will be missed Denvish.

This is truly a sad day :'(

Good luck with everything.

Damn, i'm sad to see you go man :(. I've not been around for aslong as you, but you were my first flash influence, i saw your API games and it really got me thinking about programming.

You've been, and still are a true asset to the forums and this site, t'is sad to see you go :'(.

Goodbye denvish.

Bye audio forum God :(

As the father of the Newgrounds Uploader, in which branched into something far unexpected and known, I understand why it's nearly time to say goodbye to the community.

I'm sure you'll stop by every now and than, you'll have too. It's an addition. Really. I hope everything goes well for you. And good luck in the future.

We'll all love you, and this will always be your second home. <3

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