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LEAVE!! >:(

And come back later, you hear me!? ;)

Gonna miss you Papa Bear. Take care! <3

To bad to hear it. But, i see where your geting at. My interest has been dwindling, even though i'd love to stay, somtimes you just gotta move on i guess. Good luck.

I AM SAD!!!! :'(

Best of luck with everything tho!

you didn't mention me! :-(

denvish - who the fuck is this guy?

Some twat

:( -

You'll be missed Denvish, thanks for everything! If it wasn't for AS:Main, I would never have even touched the Actions panel.

And now you wish you never had.... ;P

NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT, DON'T GO INTO THE LIGHT, IT WILL BURN!!!!!!!!! (translation:don't go we need you here, i don't know you but you really shouldn't leave, but if you go can i have your password and stuff, and the sun will hurt your eyes)



It is a shame that you are leaving I suppose. I never talked to you a single time, but that is alright. I won't miss you at all, but I'm sure many people will. Good luck to you. Your involvement with this site will not go unremembered.

I think you're justified in not wanting to stick around just for the sake of sticking around. But bearing that in mind, it would be equally silly to avoid NG just for the sake of avoiding it. You've given plenty to this site, and I'm sure it'll be here for you if you ever come back.

Hope this as well as all future decisions work out for the best! :)

See response to Greth-of-destruction

you may set down your crown your highness :)

enjoy RL denvish <3

you helped me alot on the bbs thax for it

We'll miss you, Denvish. You were the inspiration for the name''blamninja1'', as I saw that by a large margin you lead Newgrounds in blams. Some people may be relieved that you are retiring, but I appreciate what you have done for Newgrounds, and I salute you.


Im going to miss you so much Bob. :(

I hope you become active again one day. :(

I probably will :)

We will miss you. <3

You know that all of us on NG love you, so why leave? You'll just make us all sad, I actually felt a little bit of... I'm not sure what it's called, but it feels like someone is stabbing a needle in your crotch. Thousands of times. Like I said above, you know that we all love you, why leave?

Think about that before you decide to go, Denvish.


I'm away for RL reasons, nothing to do with how I feel about NG or its users. NG is what helped get me the job that allowed me to work from home, thereby allowing me to spend more time with my kids and move wherever in the country I wanted. I'll always remember that and when I feel I can spare the time, and have a decent internet connection, I'll be back I expect. I do miss the BBS, and I do miss making Flash/audio, but I just don't have the time or energy currently.

By the way, Trig1, it says L8RZ. Although, as your mind is most likely perverse you see the word porn. Another mind trick before you go eh Bob?

Can I have your account then?

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