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Posted by Denvish - July 20th, 2007

Having finished another game (unfortunately not to be seen on NG due to contractual obligations, blah) I went to Wales with a tent yesterday, and did a bit of clambering through wilderness getting whacked in the face by various plants. Eventually found a lovely little sheltered spot, flat with a pine-needle bed, right next to a mountain stream - which I spent the afternoon damming to make a pretty impressive mini-lake :)

Downside is, it was raining this morning so I now have a damp tent to dry. I'm definitely revisiting that spot though, I have to get out of this crappy city once in a while.


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Well that seems pretty fun, did you go by yourself?

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of humans at the best of times, and sometimes I have to go as far away from all of them as possible.

Where abouts in Wales is that?

I go to Wales like every year, those most times it's to Cardiff :P

It's up in the Berwyn mountains, which is north - quite close to Llyn Vyrnwy (a lake not far from Bala).

Never been to wales before. That place in the picture looks very calming.

Yup, that's why I go there :)

Dude. One of the reasons why I love my area is there's enough people around when you want them, but you can get away from them with a short ride, or even if you're out in the right spot at the right time of day or year.

Looks like a cool area though.

Takes about 2 hours' drive to get there, so it's not too bad, plus I like driving the welsh roads because they're really quiet compared to the ones around Birmingham.

If no one else goes there, you should bring a sign that says "Denvish's River."
That way, you own it. I'm no lawyer, but that's how I believe it works. I mean, I saw it in a Calvin and Hobbes strip.

Also, you make games I wish I could make lol. :3

If you saw it in a Calvin and Hobbes strip, then it must indeed be true.
Yeah, in terms of games I wish I could be submitting some to NG, it's been a fair while since the last, but all my coding time is taken up on contract work at the moment. I asked if it would be OK to reskin them and put them on NG and my site but the answer unfortunately was 'no, we need to own all rights'. Can't complain too much though, since the rates are pretty good.

I would just like to say, thanks for your actionscript tutorials,
and i hope your trip turns out better.

No problem on the tuts, although other people such as Inglor wrote a lot more for AS: Main than I did

Well, I've been on worse trips before. It sounds like you still managed to have a little bit of fun though.
But seriously though, that it one of the most beautiful and calming pictures I have ever seen. Thank you for making my NG blam sessions much more enjoyable.
Congratulations to you.

Yeah, I had a great time. My legs ached the day after though from lugging rocks around to make the dam. Wish I'd taken a pic of the 'lake' but I forgot I had the camera by that stage (and I was drunk).

Looks glorious, I've seen too little of the countryside around the UK and I hope to change that in the future.

Though I am starting to wonder if you brought your computer with you just to post about it while you're out.

Heh, no, I do have a laptop (or rather the missus has one that I bought for her), but the battery life on it is like 20 minutes or something so I don't bother taking it out much. Anyway, part of the reason for getting out camping is to stop myself sitting in front of the monitor so much of the time

must be nice to go outside.. ill try it sometime


perhaps j00 could link us to it?

You mean the game? Can't do that either unfortunately. Kills me to not publish games publically though.

This wales doesn't do a virtual tour does it :p? Anyway, wales is good, its a nice break from the cities. I saw you mentioned Birmingham, where abouts, i live pretty close to brummy land :P.

I live in Olton, Solihull side. Not actually a bad area but it's still CITY, and therefore stinks

Do you support the Villa Denvish?

That place looks like home for me, in Torbay just gotta walk in any direction and you'll probably find some place like that.

HAH! I am NOT a brummie. I am here because my gf (ack, wife) is, and we moved up here so that her family could look after the kid(s) occasionally... and because (Hayle,) Cornwall, where we were before didn't even seem to realise that the internet existed, so it was pretty pointless looking for flash-based jobs down there.

I grew up around Evesham, but have travelled & spent time in a lot of different places - primarily west Cornwall, but also Bristol, Lampeter Wales (college & after), Hungerford, Greenwich London, Rhode Island USA, and god knows where else. Of 'places I want to be', Birmingham is the very very bottom of the list - but rents down in Cornwall are like gold dust (and as expensive) at the moment, plus moving with a family is expensive and problematic, so in Birmingham (gritting my teeth) I stay. For the moment.

Sorry for the rant. Just wish I wasn't here. Thus the occasional getaways to Wales etc

Ah cool. I go up to brum every so often because family live there. When I came back from Donnington for Download festival I was set against a wall in Newport trainstation, fascinated by cheap burgers (I spent 10 pound on two bugers at download) and being around normal people, wearing business suits rather than Iron Maiden T shirts.

Ever been to Torquay then? Cornwall is of course close..

I think I've passed through Torquay a couple of times... my eldest brother lives in Teignmouth, so I kind of know the area

Blah what am I on about Newport station.. what's the one in Brum? New street isnt it? Woof


That's a nice photo. :]

Why thank you. Fujifilm Finepix 1300, actually been passed onto the eldest now but still perfectly adequate for most purposes.

camping is always a fun experience.
my father and I used to camp and canoe all the time.
one of my favorite memories is when a tree branch knocked his hat into the water, and he lept from the canoe into the rapids, and then sank, only to explode from the depths back into the canoe like a pale bald aquaman.

Hah, cool image, "I'll die before I lose my hat", "OK then dad".

Yeah, I used to canoe a fair bit in my youth, but I don't think I would've got down this stream even with a surf canoe

That's a gorgeous, leafy stream photo there, Denvish. Are those just grasses on the lower right and across to the other bank? Or is there FERNS? I love ferns. They're the best thing in forests and riparian areas. :::nods:::

There were ferns there, quite a lot of them up to above head height in places, but those leaves on the far side are actually the branches of a pine tree. The side I was on was sheltered by Forestry Commission conifers - the far side was a sheep field through the trees

Contracts? What site are you making games for?

One that doesn't exist yet, but will be a kind of morpg for younger kids

You went on holiday to Wales to build dams made from rocks in streams?

That is so wildery.

Got it in one - although it's not really a holiday, just an overnight getaway from the stinky city... what does wildery mean?

Wilderness n' shit.

Anyways Bob good to hear you're doing well.


It's not a well, it's a stream, foo