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Moving house!

Posted by Denvish - October 1st, 2007

So we found a house, a nice one, in Wales, and we're starting the lease this Thursday (4th), although we probably won't move in until the 10/11th - the lease on our current house expires on the 12th. Which gives us 6 days (or 9, from today) to get everything boxed up and moved.

It's not until you start putting stuff in boxes that you realise the sheer MASS of shit you've accrued over the years. I used to be able to move with just a rucksack and guitar case, then it became a car full - now, with the kids' stuff and basically a family home, it's a 7.5 tonne truck and then some. I'm going to do a few runs in the car before the main truck (furniture) run on the 10th, just to clear enough space in the garage & my office to get the furniture near the door and boxes to be stacked. It's about 1.5 - 2 hours to the new house, so technically I could do two or more runs in a day, but having a few days to do it over, hopefully that won't be necessary.

Worst thing is that due to various circumstances, it's looking like I'll be sans internet for a week or two. It's strange how you get so reliant on just being able to Google, or communicating via email. My life these days, what with finally being taken on as a permanent game dev for the company I was contracting for, revolves around the computer, so I really hope it doesn't get temperamental about travelling... it doesn't like being turned off in general for more than 5 minutes.

Looks like my office is going to be in the garage, so the girls can sleep apart. I'm used to be surrounded by junk, so hopefully that won't be an issue. The girls are going to have to learn Welsh as part of their schooling, which should be interesting. I think it's going to be a culture shock for them and Katy, but once we've been there a month or two, I think we'll all appreciate the vast improvement in life and air quality. K will be weekending with her parents back here every fortnight, which will give me some much-missed 'own time', something I haven't really had in the six years we've lived in Birmigham.

All in all, not looking forward to moving stuff, but REALLY looking forward to being out in rurality again.

Oh, and I had another molar out this morning, and it bloody hurts now.

Still no prospects of creating anything for NG in the near future :(

[EDIT] Here is the house, and yes, those are sheep in the field behind, and no, I'm not going to be shagging them

Moving house!

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gl, where abouts in Wales?

Thanks. Between Welshpool & Newtown.

have fun moving! I think moving and dentists are my two least favorite things in the world. dentist is definately number 1 though.

Yeah, I didn't enjoy it much. It's the first injection I hate the most. Had a total of three extractions over the past two weeks, the first two hurt for a while after cos things got infected - my own fault for being a smoker (and not taking care of my teeth, in the long run).

Doing the first car run on Thursday, picking up the key. Packed the car today and freecycled a few things we no longer need. It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks...

Blamer! HAHAHAHA!!!


Yeah well, I think you're kinda gay.

I value your opinion above all others ;)

Wow your the greatest blamer EVER!!!!


Ahh, a wife and kids. Must be great. I'm lookin' forward to raisin' my own brats more then havin' a lovin' wife for some odd reason though. :/
Anyway hope it all turns out well for ya man. I'll be keepin' watch to see what you decide to create whenever ya do.

Kids are fun.... in small doses :P

Are you going to be shagging the sheep?

Only on a thursday

if houses don't stick onto the ground and a truck can carry it

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