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Posted by Denvish - March 31st, 2009

Those of you who have liked the images of waterfalls & rivers I've attached to previous news posts might be interested in having a look at my collection of stuff on deviantART.

I opened up a DenvishNG account on there a few days ago, only to discover that I already registered an account (but didn't activate it) six years ago. So I've uploaded quite a few photographs there, mostly of nature & water. I don't claim to be a pro photographer, but I've caught a few nice scenes here and there with the digicam.

If you're into that kind of stuff, have a look - deviantART.


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Very nice photo, dude. I guess it must be nice to have such a relaxing hobby such as photography. I can't really say I ever found enough time for it, though.

The hobby is actually exploring wild places, I just always tend to take my camera when I get out and about. Being stuck in front of a monitor the majority of the time for work, I'll consciously make the effort to get out and explore the beautiful countryside I'm lucky enough to be living in, especially at this time of year.

Don't look now, but there's a big-ass hairy bee on that octopusseios

I only see a beautiful sunset. Honest guv.

Bee v. Flower

The crocodile will always win

You're awesome. Have my children.

I like pie

Hey Congrats on 100K B/P. I hope to get there some day.

Also great photos.


You blammed my flash xD

No just kidding, congratulations with first place for blams ;)


hahahaha your only mostly known for blam points
great photo btw

In Timbuktu, I am known mostly for the size of my boots

Photography - for people without the patience of drawing.

Nah, as long as you don't have albums full of shitty pictures of clouds, then you should be fine.

Patience, time or skill ;)
I'll leave the 'proper art' to people who can do it a lot better. I do like carving stuff though.

Thanks. I was drunk.

Are you a professional? If not you should be making $$$ for that kinda stuff.

Not a pro photographer, no - my skills don't even start to compare with some of the serious snappers on dA. I only have a little Olympus FE-100 digicam (4 megapixels), but it does the job and is small enough to fit in my pocket while adventuring. I do make a living out of making Flash games though.

Really nice photo there.
Photography must be fun.
You have some good skills!

Thanks :)

Very nice photo we got here. I would like having the patience for taking pictures like you do, but I don't. And the time is missing some times, so I can't really do a lot of hobby. I do my sports and that's all.
You must not have any lack of time, don't you? I mean, for those blams, saves, Posts, even a mod. But anyway. I'd love to be in your skin, sir.
Guess you just take your time for appreciating the life's little pleasure.

There aren't enough hours in the day, usually, to do everything I want to. But yeah, getting out into nature is always a priority

so pretty.

saw the amount of blams you have. your my hero!

Retired from that game now. It was an obsession for a while, that's not really a cool thing...

Blamming is all the rage