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Posted by Denvish - March 19th, 2009

Snowdrops and daffodils have risen and are in bloom. Hazel hedges hung with catkins, tiny green buds waiting to burst on all the trees. Mornings are misty but once that clears, the sunshine is like a tonic to the skin and soul.

Feels like it's been a long, long winter. Made the half-hour trip down to Dylife yesterday for the first time this year, and was reminded what a gorgeous, peaceful spot it is. The sound of the stream bubbling and the birds singing, I could sit and listen to that, and watch the water's ever-changing flow, for hours.

Just wish I had that special someone to share it all with.


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You made my eye produce water.

Sorry 'bout that

Dude! What happened to nglog.denvish.net?! It's starting to get viruses right now!

As far as myself and Casualty (who runs the NGLog) are concerned, they're false warnings. Neither of us can figure out why they are happening, but there's nothing in the HTML code that should cause them.

You take that pretty picture sir?

You'll find a someone to share it with, trust me. I did. :D

I did. And I hope I do. Thanks.

Oh man, I honestl can't wait for it to come! Oh wait... tommorow!!!


That looks a lot like my hangout spot, do you know where that was taken?

Yes, I took the picture. It's the mid-lower section of Dylife gorge in mid Wales

On my way babe!

Uhhhhhhhhhhh thanks but I was thinking more along the lines of 'female'. Although apparently they don't exist on teh interwebz, so I could be in for a long wait :D

When I first read your name, I thought it said demfish.

It does :)

Beautiful picture.

Beautiful spot. More pictures of the gorge and other natural things at my new deviant thingy, http://www.denvishng.deviantart.c om/

hey you a new MOD I aint seen you round these parts

No, I've been a mod since 2005, I just retired from BBS modship for a while due to a crappy dialup connection (see previous news posts)

Are you a professional photographer? That's gorgeous!!!!

Nah, I just know my camera. It's nothing special, Olympus FE-100 (4.0 megapixels) but it seems to take good pictures

That really is a gorgeous peacefull looking spot you got there. Very serene and yet powerful an image.

Hell of a climb down/up, but well worth it



Hey, dude. Really nice stuff you wrote. I also really enjoyed the photo. Is that photo something you took? Either way, it is really nice. If I could rate, 11/10. nice!

Thanks. I was feeling poetic :) Yeah, I did take the picture, I just joined up with deviantArt too so I have somewhere to host my photos - http://www.denvishng.deviantart.c om/

on the first day of spring it snowed for us and now it's really cold, I was really looking forward to spring.

Yeah winter this year was unusually cold

can I share it with you? Will you make an exception for me denvishy? :P

I can provide you with love like no female can ;)

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