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May be back

Posted by Denvish - February 9th, 2009


I finally have ADSL out here in Wales! Bloody marvellous!!

This of course means that browsing the BBS and visiting NG in general are now actually an option - on dial-up the pages were stopping halfway through loading. How frequently I'll be on NG of course depends on how much time I can spare around the full time job as game dev.

It's good to see that some of the Flash forum regs are still active, haven't visited General yet but probably will work my way up to some level of regular visiting. I will be trying to help out in the Flash forum, although I still haven't got me head around AS3 yet (don't need it for work, still on AS2). Will also hopefully be hanging out occasionally in Wi/Ht and Audio.

In answer to vague rumours, yes, I have also had some pretty major personal issues over the past year, but don't really think that they need to be described on NG. I'm coping.

I would like to get some games made for public release too but it's tricky finding time for that outside of the job and various other finger pies.

Many thanks to all those that have left notes saying I've been missed, and also a HUGE lump of gratitude to ramagi for depositing on my behalf for over a year, a LOT longer than was originally intended.

See you around.


May be back

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Also hello and welcome back. :)

Why, thanks guv

I hope so, Denvish.

Me too

So glad to hear it! Looking forward to watching you bury your face in your palms as you walk through Audio Forum ;D!!!

Most of it is my fault of course.


"...and various other finger pies."

That sounds like you've been working on making pies shaped like fingers. Anyway it's good that you're (almost) back.



this calls for an inglor dance! a;sdkjf;aksdf

Won Too Free
I like to eat a Battenburg when i get the chance

SAUSAGE STEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My freaking jaw dropped seeing you. :D Glad to have you back!

Check yourself for tetanus

cool, a programmer mod that might actually create games. thats unheard of.

no seriously, none of them do anything.

That's what I heard about artists :S



This kind of news makes me happy. Even though I am not on very much myself these days, I hope to see you lurking in the halls near the lockers from time to time ;)

I have missed this den of iniquity a lot, but it just hasn't been an option to come on - to load a page would take 5 or 6 attempts, it'd just stop loading halfway through. Now I finally have a decent conn, I'll definitely be around a bit, mostly in the Flash forum

This is fantastic news!!! Welcome back!! :D

Why thank you kind sir

I haven't heard any rumours but hope everything is well... glad you're back anyhoo :)

No comment :)
And it's good to be back

Woah, haven't seen your type 'round this neck of the woods for a while now.

I mean, welcome back.

Call the lynch mob immediately

Your presence makes me smile =D
So yeah, awesome to hear your a Game Dev now. Got any spoilers for us to leak to 4chan?

Only about gibbons

^^ Oops, I meant you're

Yes, me too

I just had to have a Comcast technician replace our modem, so I hear frustrating NG load times (despite my downtime being basically 48 hours). Good to have you backish, Denvish.

Yarrrrrr Mr Evark, shiver me timbers and kill this fuckin parrot on me shoulder, sick of hearin' it goin'' on abou''' a blin'''''' man''''''s chest of gol''''''''''''. Arrrrrrr

Or something.

Good to see you back on NG man, it'd be awesome to see any games you can come up with uploaded :)

Hi there

I've been dreaming of this day since never.

Welcome back.

Yeah dreaming is BAD because it steals your soul. Also, I'll see your welcome and raise you two rabbits. If you roll snake eyes, you're out.

Insane, you're all insane

Damn, I can't respond to my own response. My schizophrenic tendencies remain unquenched :(

No wandering off again, ok?

yus massa

...where am I?...

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