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House hunting

Posted by Denvish - September 13th, 2007

Finally seem to be making a move towards leaving this dreadful city. Renting market is slow, but will hopefully find somewhere suitable within a couple of months. I can't wait!

Update: found a nice 4-bed detached in rural Wales, near a decent school and about 2 hours from here. Have put in the application, just waiting to hear back on that, if all goes according to plan we should be out of here and in there by mid-October.... just need to make sure that internet is on asap after the move since my job requires it.

Update: Got the green light on the application, paid the deposit/first month's rent (ouch), lease starts on the 9th October, hiring a truck on the 10th. Looks like I may be without internet for a week, which sucks, but I suppose I'll be busy unpacking and setting up anyway

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Here's hoping you can find a place near some streams. :)

That's the plan, did you read my mind? Currently looking at west Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys... need to be within as couple of hours' drive of Brum since pretty much all of K's family are from there and the kids will want to see their grandparents etc once or twice a month. We were down Builth Wells on Saturday, and near Leominster today looking at a 3-bed place. Both are within easy drive of Welsh wilderness, forests and streams :)

live inside a flarnt

I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret asking, but what's a flarnt?

i wish you were a city guy like me. :/

I think it depends on your upbringing... if you were raised in a city environment, then you're comfortable surrounded by houses and people, but uncomfortable when left out in the wilderness with no civilisation in sight. Whereas if you're brought up in the country (my parents ran a self-sufficient farm, http://www.sustainability-researc h.org.uk/), the sheer number of humans in cities is disturbing and if you're forced to live there, your soul yearns for a natural environment. I have nothing against city folks in particular, I just don't want to live there. As for not making it to the meetup.... believe me, I really wanted to come down on the Friday, but I forgot I had an afternoon appointment that I couldn't get out of.

what city?




Buy a farm then.

Can't afford to buy any kind of house, got to rent for now at least

Any house with a nice grassy feild, clear shallow river, and some actual wild life near it would be a great house for any man I think.
But then agian my hick instincts would kick in and the yard would be flooded with cars and whippin' ponds. :P
Err, anyway here's hopin' ya find a nice house out yonder.

Straw hat & smock, grass in mouth, leaning on a gate saying 'YARRRR' to anybody that happens to pass by

did you know that u are blam master?

No, I missed that fact