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An animated gif will always do. :3

Also, I saw about your uploader on your site.
Why don't you just implement an account system similar to that of Newgrounds Log? That way it restricts the flash project uploading to just Newgrounds users like you wanted.

I don't think there's any way to check whether a user is genuinely a NG user or whether they're just faking the username. Casualty has no way of checking for genuine passwords for the NG Log, and neither do I. It WOULD cut down on the other-site users (although they could guess 'John' or 'Tim' if they have half a brain-cell), but even if it was just limited to NG users I'd still have the T&C-breaching file issue. I can't moderate the uploaded files. I'm thinking if it ever does get back up, to allow ONLY flas and swfs, and find some php or asp way to check whether a file is genuinely a swf or fla, and not a renamed exe (I assume there IS a way, since NG has checks for a real swf on the portal... but I don't know how, and I'd imagine James is snowed under with redesign bugs, so I'm not going to hassle him).

It's all a bit blah, I really didn't want to have to close it down

When we had clockspace on our clock crew website, you needed to link your Newgrounds account to your clockspace account for it to work.

We had a simple method of ensuring that nothing gets screwed up like non-existent accounts getting tracked, basically, you had to change the website link on your newgrounds profile to a uniquely generated clockspace link, and clockspace would check the account for the link.
If the criteria was successfully filled, you got an active clockspace account.
That would certainly prevent account name guesses.

But yeah, it's very much difficult to track files to see if they're malicious or not, which is hard since some horrible people exist on the internet, even on Newgrounds.
As for the genuine FLA/SWF checks, I think something called MIME types makes sure what file is what regardless of file extensions, I'm not sure.

I will check those things out when I have the time, but I'm no hardcore PHP/ASP programmer - same as Actionscript, I learn just enough to make what I want to happen, happen. BULLY THAT CODE, BEAT IT INTO SUBMISSION, heh

Appreciate the advice

I think it would be a great idea if there was some sort of user login in which a person can remove files that aren't needed any more or something.
sad to see your uploader go... it was a nice thing to use but it's all good. Got to keep working on the next flash project I guess. :)

Too much hassle :) The original uploader was thrown together in a few hours, although the second, Flash-based incarnation took a couple of days to put together.

Yes, you really need to make some more music for NG, you really do! :D

Indeed I do. I need new strings though

if you make a music track send me a link, i find the audio portal still to time consuming to sort through, id much rather rely on word of mouf.

Will do, if I ever get round to it. SO MUCH TO DO SO LITTLE TIME, seriously

Denvish, anychance you could add the search box back onto the page?

This is a bad coincidence that you did this right now, of all the times this could happen I sent a letter the other day and in it I wrote telling them to go to your site and search for my name.

If you could it would be very good of you ASAP.

Re-established the search now

I don't see why everyone is extremely disappointed and hasn't even said "thanks for having an uploader for us" which is what I'm saying. It was a great uploader and nothing can last forever but you did a good job having it up there for us and its much appreciated.

Thanks :) Actually quite a few people have expressed their appreciation for the service and most have been very understanding of the reasons for the closure.

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You are really my Hero =]
Did you ever miss any at all? when u were into it?
I assume you have stopped =] since its a pretty round-iiiish number

Voting Pow.: 7.87 votes -- whats your REAL voting power?
and and, that is one sexy tank ^_^
I am tinkering on the edge of being a stat whore and a BP whore... isit worth it?
[[i entered the top 1000 and it just got tough]]

Heh, if you think it's tough now, just wait until you get to the gaps between ranks above 20k - just hope you have someone going at a similar pace with whom you can compete.

I missed plenty of points along the way, what with producing kids and being forced into a trucker job I didn't want.

Yes, I have stopped, quite a while ago - I've asked Tom to knock me back down to 70/30k (I think the extra points were due to flagged movies being cleared), but he hasn't got back to me yet... suppose it's not high priority compared to fixing redesign bugs/making console games/all the other shit that Tom does.

As to whether it's worth it.... nah, not really :) Seriously though, I get more satisfaction from submitting stuff (which unfortunately I don't have time for currently, as per news post), but it's definitely a nice feeling to be #1 while it lasts. Once I get knocked down to 100k, ramagi will be back at #1, and once more high level users hit the spot, I'll probably be pushed down further

SOMEONE went a bit crazy in that topic of mine, eh?

Yeah, sorry about that

You thinkin' of makin' a new movie/game/audio track for NG eh?
Well you movies are always good and those games you make with just AS are crazy. Personally I wouldn't mind seein' another audio track about NG itself. Like your hit Goin' Down To Newgrounds. :P

Hrm, still trying to find the time to do anything

wow man you are awosome whats the secret to getting blam points? im having trouble getting blam points im alright with save points how do you know if a flash is going to get blamed oh and thanks!

Usually you can tell because it sucks donkey bollocks. There are exceptions

You could try password protecting it. Though I doubt that would help much since some people don't know how to keep shit to themselves.

Not really concerned about it now, there's been a push in the Flash forum by people providing replacements, there are three or four different choices of NG uploaders now rather than just the one, which is a good thing. Just updated the News post with some links to those.

spamtheweb gets my vote.

I have them all bookmarked :)